Birth: where did we go wrong?

Tune in to trust your most valuable resources – your body, your baby and your intuition. It’s time to awaken your inner goddess and step into your power. I want you to know that it is pleasure, not pain, that is your birth right. 

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There are significant benefits to being upright for labor. Lamaze Healthy Care practices has decades of date showing that laying down (supine) has disadvantages for birth.

Join me, for Pain to Power and I will show you all the ways to find pleasure, power, and reduce pain in birth. I can’t wait to inspire your inner goddess.

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Pleasurable Essentials Course

Learn the essentials for a healthy pregnancy and birth with our 5 Module Condensed Course. Includes comfort techniques, birth story inspiration and our book and film.

Comprehensive Bliss Course

Comprehensive Bliss includes all Pleasurable Birth Essentials Content plus 5 additional Modules, Spinning Babies and more. You’ll have all of the tools you need to prepare for a safe, satisfying and pleasurable birth experience. 

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