Baby Positions for Easier Birth

by Gail Tully, The Spinning Babies Lady

Once baby turns head down, most mothers breathe a sigh of relief. “Baby is now in position,” a woman might say to her friends and family. But in today’s modern life, there are three more things to note before mom and baby are ready for spontaneous birth. 

1.) Is baby’s back curled into a “C” for comfort

 2.) Between 38 weeks and labor’s start, has baby dropped into the pelvis? 
 3.) And, has mom “made room for baby” in her pelvis and muscles for baby to turn around during Nature’s spiraling motion of birth? 

Debra Pascali-Bonaro’s Pain to Power Childbirth Course guides parents away from the tension-fear-pain triad and towards a possibility for pleasure in birth. Birthing parents are taking back their power by exercising new knowledge. Debra requested I share some tips with you from my Spinning Babies approach – specifically to (a big need in birth) – the baby’s position when entering the pelvis. 

Let's look at 'baby’s position when entering the pelvis'

The mother’s many muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus, pelvis, spine and abdomen come into play in fetal position and ease of birth. Unfortunately, in today’s world – we sit without squatting, walk with out coming in contact with bare earth, and, too often, eat without vitality. Many of us drink so little water we exist just an ounce above dehydration. Won’t you pour a glass of water now? I’ll give you a moment while you drink and enjoy a cool glass of fresh water. 

For many of us, restoring the balance for birth becomes essential – and rewarding! Activities can make room in the muscular pelvis for baby to be in a good birthing position, but also add comfort and function for the mother herself. Balancing exercises means lengthening muscles and learning to align our bodies more dynamically with gravity. Powering up the core so that our abdominal muscles are as tight as an athletic adolescent is not the goal! 

Suppleness is the goal

Which of these models move in harmony with the flow of birth? Think of the round ring of the bony pelvis. Baby slips through the ring to be born, right? 

What about all those muscles and ligaments holding that ring stable? Are they managing well? Or, do you feel pain from shifting, rubbing joints and bones? Shooting nerve pains or muscle aches? Do your bones feel too wobbly or too stiff? 

Something is not in balance in the pelvis.

Perhaps something too tight or too loose makes your pelvis hurt or prevents your baby from being head down and tucked in, chin to chest forming that “C”? This “C”omfy position aims the smallest diameter of baby’s head into your pelvis. And if you have no symptoms, moving into balance is simply refreshing and preventative of instability as your baby grows. 

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