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Pleasurable Essentials Course

Learn the essentials for a healthy labor and birth with our 5 module condensed birth course which includes the role of pleasure, birth hormones and comfort measures.  
Inspiring stories, our Orgasmic Birth documentary and book along with our unique guidance will prepare you to move through labor with respect and love. 

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Our course begins with an opportunity for you and your partner to be inspired by our award-winning documentary “Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret”,  the film will challenge and guide you to look at your preconceived ideas and fears around childbirth. You will see the emotional, spiritual, and physical heights attainable through a gentle loving model of birth as seven women and their partners share their most intimate moments. A joyous, sensuous and revolutionary experience. You will never think about birth the same way!

This module we will be giving you tools to prepare your body and mind for the birth of your baby. You will look at the language of birth and go deeper to identify how cultural fears and programming can shape your perceptions of birth, and how they can then lead to your experience of birth. We will then explore ways to re-frame your perceptions creating new language of birth. We will also discuss your birth hormones,  the process of birth and the importance of finding positions that create comfort and ease for you and your baby in early labor.

The dance of labor begins with inspiring birth videos, rebozo technique, Lamaze tips for a safe and healthy birth,  information on continuous labor support, including how a doula can assist you and your partner during labor.

Real birth stories and videos (from around the world) will inspire you to consider how you hope to  weave the physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual aspects of yourself into childbirth.  Begin preparing your birth bag and tool kit for comfort as our exercises provide you and your partner opportunities for discussion and reflect on the birth you desire.

This week you  will learn all sorts of tools and tips for comfort in labor! We will share many of our best kept secrets for comfort including:  touch,  rebozo,  acupressure in labor, visualization, dance,  song/music, and hydrotherapy.

This module, you will be ready to go deeper into comfort techniques in labor with an emphasis on pleasure. We will look closely at the role of the “love hormone” and its role in childbirth and in our sexuality. We will discuss the importance of communication and healing, guide you to explore with your partner how he/she can help you release your birth hormones, and ways to create the safety and privacy you desire to release your hormones and feel loved in labor.

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