I am so glad you are here to enjoy my video and downloadable PDF containing my Free Tips to move from Pain to Power with Pleasure in Childbirth.

There are some secrets that may surprise you! 

Are you ready to discover the best-kept secret, and unlock your potential for orgasmic pleasure in childbirth? 
Are you asking how is that even possible? Why is all we hear about childbirth pain and fear and fear of pain? 

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Gail Tully, Founder of Spinning Babies says...
"Debra is going to provide you with all the information you need to create a birth plan that will give you the intimate, controlled, safe birth experience you desire! She will teach you the latest evidenced based safe birth practices to arm you with the knowledge to choose how and with whom you give birth. I REALLY believe in Debra's path to pleasurable birth in her Pain to Power online experience. I believe for you that, more than becoming educated about childbirth, you will absorb amazing ways to develop comfort and strength in yourself for a day that you will NEVER forget!"
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