Ecstatic Birth Tips with Sheila Kamara Hay

Sheila Kamara Hay is an Ecstatic Birth advocate, writer, and SuperMama to three little ones. She fiercely desires to share with women that childbirth is not something they must endure, but a journey they can enjoy. As a mother of three, Sheila has experienced firsthand a range of births -- from the traumatic to the ecstatic -- and has advised and inspired countless women in the creation or reclamation of their births. Sheila has served on the board of non-profit Choices for Childbirth and has worked closely with leading women in the fields of birth and pleasure, including Dr. Christiane Northrup and Regena Thomashauer (of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts). She has a BA from Yale University and an MA from Columbia University in Cultural Sociology. Sheila’s own childbirth journeys left her exclaiming, “Why didn’t I know it can be this good? Women need to know!”. She can be found screaming it from the rooftops at Sheila Kamara Hay ...riding the waves of life, love, pleasure, and birth! 

Sheila shares her Top 3 Tips for an Ecstatic Birth :

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