Asta's Primal and Powerful Birth

Asta recently welcomed her beautiful baby in an intense and powerful home birth! 

"My body was in a sense being used for this to happen. I had this image of this primal wolf coming through me and it felt good to be able to let all of this intensity out. The whole essence of you, overtaken by this bigger than you experience.

The most ecstatic moments I've ha in my  life, all the orgasms, no matter how amazing they are, combined of my life, don't reach that intensity. 

Listen below to hear more of Asta's beautiful birth story!

Peaceful early labor

Asta's "Furry Doula"

Skin to Skin with her beautiful newborn

Family photo - pure bliss

One of life's most precious moments

Beautiful MotherBaby

Did you have a pleasurable birth, or moments of pleasure in your birth? Share in the comments below how you moved from Pain to Power! 

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