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"Pain to Power is sure to transform the landscape of birth by providing anyone with access to a comprehensive childbirth education class that also integrates the principles of pleasure. There is no one with more credentials, experience, love and vision to bring this baby forth into the world."
-Sheila Kamara Hay, Ecstatic Birth 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Pain to Power Affiliate Program, and bringing quality, pleasurable childbirth education to women, fathers and families around the world!
You are in the right place if you are a doula, childbirth educator, birth professional and/or offer pregnant women and their partners products or services and would like to expand your support by including our unique, educational and inspiring online childbirth class.

I love to collaborate with Birth Professionals and build upon each other’s expertise to create enhanced opportunities for all MotherBabies, Fathers, Partners and families. Together we create a win- win situation for you and your clients! Pain to Power Childbirth's unique online classes offer you and your clients the perfect opportunity to create a memorable, positive, pleasurable birth experience.

Do you find that your client’s are filled with fear and in their fear, have turned their bodies, their birth experiences and their babies over to a false sense of security in technology and medicalized birth? I find so many women are afraid to do the very thing they are built to do and today’s most common birth practices lay women down, then strip them of their clothes, their identity and dignity… I know you want your clients to have safe births and healthy babies, to feel connected to their bodies, their babies, their partners, and to feel nurtured, powerful and in control.

Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class will guide your clients in ways that they can connect to their intuition and receive the care and respect they deserve. In addition, we offer personalized online support, a private Facebook group and in our VIP option monthly live webinars with Debra to discuss your client’s questions and review their birth preference.
Benefits for Promoting
- We offer you the opportunity to personalize how and when your clients access our class.
- You receive a 20% affiliate fee for each client that registers for Pain to Power Childbirth through your unique link.
- You can choose to share all or part of your commission with your clients as a discount, or keep the fee for yourself
- You can be confident that you clients are receiving quality childbirth education from a reputable - world renowned source, focusing on pleasure, power, and evidence based science.
Suggestions for Promoting
 - Consider offering your clients our class as a bundle for your services
- Use our class as an opportunity to meet with your client’s in person to practice comfort measures and/or discuss or enhance all that they are learning inside our class
- Add your unique link to your blog or social media posts as an ongoing promotional offering
It's Easy!
- We will provide you with logos, memes and sample social media posts for you to share with your tribe.
- We are available for guest blogs and interviews to help you develop content to share our course.
- We are available for support via email or phone to guide you in anyway you need.
Sign up today to become an affiliate and we will provide you with access to our first module (new site & access coming soon!). See for yourself how simple and supportive our online class environment is and the quality of our videos and content!
Terms and Conditions
To support you in having a pleasurable experience sharing Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class, please take the time to read through of our Affiliate policy. 

We value our business, your business, and our joint customers’ happiness. We appreciate your time and want you to fully understand how we work, and how to participate so you get the best results. If you are unable to comply with our rules please let us know ASAP. Any affiliate who violates our policies will be immediately removed from our program. 

1. You agree to promote to your mailing list and social media followers during the launch periods three times per year. 
2. We have created copy and images for your promotional use. These are not to be used for paid advertising without our permission. We will send you these materials and the launch schedule before each launch. 
3. It is required that you are transparent and disclose that you are an affiliate and receive commission for each registration/sale per FTC's guidelines which can be found HERE
4. Payment will be made for each referral received by week 6 of any series, once full payment has been received from client and they are beyond refund period. Please contact with any questions or concerns. Thank you!
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