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Pain to Power...

-Christiane Northrup, M.D.
OB/GYN and Bestselling Author
“Debra Pascali-Bonaro is a true pioneer in changing childbirth into the ecstatic experience it can be. I applaud her work and highly recommend it. “
Asta shares why she found Pain to Power so invaluable!
"The course was by far the best investment we made in our preparation of the birth of our first baby, as it left us not only informed but inspired, empowered and open to all possibilities. And now that our baby daughter is here, I have my own powerful home birth story to share! " -Asta Rudzinskaite, Alumnus
"I think this program is a must-watch for first time mothers! It taught me so much, from such an open minded perspective that I wouldn't have gotten from just reading books or attending other workshops.

One thing that stands out in the 'Pain to Power' program is that it's not just a bunch of facts or information about birth… but it's an experience delivered via videos, stories, and downloads. This helps us absorb the material, so that when you're in labor you can tap back into the program. Birth is an "in your body" experience as opposed to being a logical "in your head" thing, and I feel like this program really helps to ground women into their bodies and birth experience, gently over time.

Each week was like getting a new understanding of what birth is really about, and how to work with your body's natural cues rather than against them. Thanks to this program, I was able to give birth to our beautiful baby girl in the comfort of our home with an amazing team of midwives and my husband. My contractions were very gentle (so much that I didn't realize I was having them!) and once active labor started, I was able to ride the waves and trust that my body knew how to bring this baby out.

I truly believe that my quick 3 hour active labor was thanks to the relaxed and private environment, and to the attitudes that I learned from Debra and this program. Thanks so much for creating such a comprehensive and effective resource for moms-to-be!"

-Nathalie Lussier, Founder
-Hermine Hayes-Klein , Founder Human Rights in Childbirth 
"Every woman deserves to feel safe, supported, and respected when she is giving birth. Pain to Power gives you the information and tools to ensure that you get the support that you need, as an individual, to have an ecstatic and empowered birth. 

As a childbirth educator, Debra works to help women understand their bodies and know their rights in pregnancy and birth, so that they can assess their healthcare options and make the choices that reflect their needs and values. As a global maternal health advocate, Debra educates and supports ministries of health, providers and hospitals in the global shift toward woman-centered, collaborative maternity care that respects the human rights and fundamental needs of MotherBabies everywhere. Her work reflects compassion toward all the stakeholders in maternity care, coupled with a deep understanding of the meaning and potential of childbirth for women's lives."
-Virginie Van Overstyns, Alumnus
"It is during my last pregnancy that I was guided to the Pain to Power classes. The course really helped me to completely change my vision of giving birth! I received so much information regarding different topics around pregnancy, birth and after birth that I had never heard before - through videos, informative pages, links to other informative websites, books and so much more! 

During labour my subconscious picked up the tools that I received attending the classes that I needed to transform the pain into power. I was really well prepared and could do it the way I visualized! Thanks to the course some painful experiences from the past were revealed to me during my pregnancy, which allowed me to heal, and have a marvelous birth!

In my eyes every man and woman, pregnant or not, should take the Pain to Power course. So much real information is kept secret by the society, it is now time to get our power back! Thank you Debra for this experience that I will always remember and that will always give me strength in Life!"
Penny Simkin
PT, Author, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Birth Counselor
 “Debra’s life work is to reframe today’s widespread belief that birth is frightening, dangerous and painful. In everything she says and does, Debra models the joy, pleasure and empowerment that is available in birth. Let her show you how to prepare yourselves for the rewards of giving birth.”
Carrie Contey
P.h.D. specializing in prenatal  & perinatal psychology 
"Debra is a leading light in the birth world and there is no one on the planet I trust more when it comes to birth education. This innovative program, chock-full of deep wisdom and practical information, will help you feel clear, confident and ready for birth. The way we welcome little Ones into the world matters! Prepare for this magical and profound event by signing up for Pain to Power now and give yourself, your partner and your new little person the best birth experience you possibly can."

Sheila Kamara Hay
Ecstatic Birth
"Pain to Power is sure to transform the landscape of birth by providing anyone with access to a comprehensive childbirth education class that also integrates the principles of pleasure. There is no one with more credentials, experience, love and vision to bring this baby forth into the world."

"Debra teaches from the heart, sharing the science and wisdom she has learned as an international birth worker. She’s on a mission to give birth back to women and their families through her innovative Online Childbirth Experience."
-Julie Bonapace, M.Ed. author of The Bonapace Method, Trusting Birth
-Asta Rudzinskaite, Alumnus
"I remember watching the Orgasmic Birth documentary over a year ago and feeling completely overwhelmed with awe of the unbelievable strength and magic of women's bodies. I could not believe that I had never before seen birth or women presented this way - so incredibly powerful! So a few months later when we found out I was pregnant, I knew that Pain to Power course was definitely one of the resources that I wanted to guide us through the preparation for the birth of our first baby.

In the world so full of fearful and often conflicting information the course felt like a cozy blanket to wrap into and soak up the peace and knowingness that deeper wisdom is at work when it comes to this magical transformation we go through as women and as families.An abundance of topics was presented in a truly holistic way that sparked our curiosity and excitement. The course was by far the best investment we made in our preparation of the birth of our first baby, as it left us not only informed but inspired, empowered and open to all possibilities. And now that our baby daughter is here, I have my own powerful home birth story to share!"
Hear it live from a Pain to Power Alumnus!
BirthKeeper Nancy Martin shares why she thinks childbirth education is important - and why this course covers all of the important physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth which are often overlooked. 
Nancy Martin
Alumnus and Doula
"The Pain to Power course was jam packed with information and amazing resources. I especially loved all of the interviews with some key players in the "birth world" as well as the recorded lectures with Debra. It's been months since I took the course and I'm still digesting the information and incorporating it into my work as a Doula and birth coach. I found this course to be extremely valuable."
Sara Harllee
Alumnus and Doula
"This course has only further confirmed my belief in the amazing, healing, life-changing power of birth. Even with seven years of study, research, and joyous exploration into the world of pregnancy and birth, this course gave me new tools, pushed me in new ways, and gave me the gift of being able to face, and find healing from, pains and fears related to birth that I didn't even know I had. It has helped me realize how much grace, love and tenderness we all need to have as birth workers and advocates, arms open wide to embrace every woman with her every experience, fear, hope, trauma and dream for herself and her birth. I am so excited to carry into my world all of the beautiful ways I have learned that women can be loved and supported and protected during labor, birth and the postpartum period. It has been a beautiful journey!"
Nichole Bergstrand
Alumnus and Doula
"The Pain to Power class has such an amazing variety of information that I could pick and choose from as it made sense to my own birth methods and beliefs. This childbirth course also has a balanced approach where medicine and natural childbirth can both meet. A great approach to childbirth that many women understand or, REALLY want to! It is no surprise that sexuality and childbirth can be so deeply intertwined where one orgasm is the result of another. This class is very positive and spiritually uplifting for all women."
"I have garnered so much from the various resources, and especially loved seeing it all come together by watching the film! What a great adjunct to see everything we're learning illustrated by the wonderful families. I appreciate all of the pdfs, and the many resources you've shared such as Spinning Babies, etc. It is all weaving a great tapestry of empowering tools and wisdom. I am enjoying it so much, and look forward to continuing to deepen through the process. I will keep you posted! Thank you again dear Debra for all of your love and work!"
-Raina,  Alumnus
-Kate Northrup, Author of Money: A Love Story
"This course is a must for any woman who wants to be part of the new paradigm of birth that transforms pain and fear into power and pleasure. 

I found Debra Pascali-Bonaro's guidance invaluable as I prepared for the birth of my daughter."
Dr. Eve Agee
Medical Anthropologist & Bestselling Author
"Pain to Power will support you in so many deep and fulfilling ways. This online class is rich and will help you connect with the sacred essence of childbirth. Debra Pascali-Bonaro is an exceptional teacher who will guide you to tap into your power during birth, pregnancy and parenting."
  Gail Tully, CPM
Spinning Babies
"Debra is going to provide you with all the information you need to create a birth plan that will give you the intimate, controlled, safe birth experience you desire! She will teach you the latest evidenced based safe birth practices to arm you with the knowledge to choose how and with whom you give birth. I REALLY believe in Debra's path to pleasurable birth in her Pain to Power online experience. I believe for you that, more than becoming educated about childbirth, you will absorb amazing ways to develop comfort and strength in yourself for a day that you will NEVER forget!"
Catalina Glasgow
Doula and Yoga Instructor
"You did such a beautiful job putting together your many years of experience and training with others in the industry to really drive home your message and prepare people for the potential to have orgasmic birth experiences."
"The Pain to Power course has helped me so much! I have cleared so many deep fears, many of which I didn’t know were there below the surface, have broadened my perspective in relation to what’s possible for a healthy and pleasurable birth. I now feel so well equipped to ask questions, to seek out the best possible support team and to go with the flow, allowing my body and baby to do what they know best, what they were created for. 

It’s also been such a bonding experience to watch a lot of the content with my partner, he’s now reading the Orgasmic Birth book and keeps saying… "that’s what I want for our birth”. He’s gone from a place of being fearful about home births to wanting us to have a home birth. He’s practicing the partner exercises and is learning more and more each day. He was afraid that he’d faint at the birth and now is so excited about the whole process. We’re more in tune with each other and I feel totally supported by him. Thanks again for a lovely program… I will recommend it!”
-Kay Wesley,  Alumnus
Join me!
"Birth is a day you will never forget. A day that will transform you, your baby and your family. I have had the opportunity to be with women and men to celebrate their greatest joys. I've had the honor of watching women being born as mothers, men being born as fathers and families birthing themselves in pleasure and power." 

-Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Founder of Pain to Power Online Childbirth Classes
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