Q: Can I have a sneak peek?
Join me for an inside look into the Pain to Power course! 

Hear all the ways I will guide you to learn all your options and take a tour of the course.

Your baby deserves to be welcomed into the world with love, kindness and the best care possible. Know all your options to give birth in a safe, satisfying and pleasurable environment.
Q: What are the course dates?
A: The VIP series will run three times per year. Our upcoming course registration begins in January. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and receive our “10 Big Tips on Moving from Pain to Power.”

In January, we will be releasing a FREE Video series with tips and tricks for a more pleasurable birth, and by joining our mailing list, you will receive access to our videos when registration opens.

Rather not wait until January? We have a self-study option just for you! Learn more HERE.
Q: How do I need to plan my availability?
A: This class is an online, self-paced course. A new chapter opens every week, allowing you access to previous weeks chapters as well. You will be able to watch videos, read pdfs and review resource links on your own time. The course also offers live Q&As with Debra Pascali-Bonaro, which will be scheduled at various times/dates throughout the course. These Q&As will be recorded for future reference, and in case you are unable to attend live. You will also be guided each week with an in depth email with suggestions for activities, and reading list.

Q: How much time will I need for the program? My schedule is already pretty full!
A: Planning time for Pain to Power in your busy schedule will ensure you won’t let this opportunity slip by. The earlier you prepare the better, as many of the exercises will bring you into decision and ultimately creating your birth vision. You will want to discuss your new knowledge with your caregivers and birth team – the more work you put in, the more you can relax and enjoy your birth knowing that everyone knows and understands your desires and will do all they can to support you in the birth of your dreams! Some people will want to have several hours set aside in one day, others will want an hour a day, and some will simply want to skim the content for what they find useful. This program was created in this format so you could choose how & when you want to absorb the material. Just remember, there’s lots of juicy stuff, so the more time you can put toward it the better.
Q: I’m not sure I can buy into the “Orgasmic Birth” idea, it feels a little “woo-woo” – is this course still good for me?
A: Absolutely! Pain to Power focuses on helping you to become an informed participant in your own birth – and ways to focus on finding comfort, respectful care and support. We will lead you through writing your birth preferences, learning about common interventions, preparing for a gentle cesarean should one become necessary, caring for your new baby, caring for yourself as well as postpartum sexuality. 

Q: How are the materials delivered? What is the format? 
A: The online childbirth class offers recorded videos, “handouts” in the form of downloadable PDFs, and live access to Debra Pascali-Bonaro for questions and support. Each week a new chapter will open and it will be accompanied by a detailed email guiding you through that week’s materials.
Q: I might need a c-section, will this course still be helpful? 
A: An entire chapter of this course focuses on gentle cesarean that will help you prepare should one become necessary. The course also covers early labor comfort suggestions, writing your birth preferences, learning about common interventions, caring for your new baby and caring for yourself. The chapter also covers postpartum sexuality and information on planning a VBAC should you choose to have a vaginal birth after cesarean for a future pregnancy. 

Q: I’m planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), will this online childbirth class help me to achieve that?
A: Within the “Gentle Cesarean” Chapter we will also be providing you with additional information specific to a vaginal birth after cesarean birth. This will help guide you, as well as our other chapters, to preparing for the VBAC you desire.
Q: My due date/schedule does not work with your launch, can I take the class on my own?
A: Pain to Power offers 2 conveneient packages. Our VIP option includes live Q&As, a private facebook group and more - but our Self'-Study Option includes all of the fantastic course materials, videos and pdfs - plus email support from the Pain to Power Team and is available to take ANYTIME! Click here to learn more about the packages.

The self-study option does begin immediately upon purchase, with access for 16 weeks - so be sure to purchase when you are ready to begin!
Q: I am planning to have an epidural - is this course still right for me?  
A: Yes! Knowing all the options that you will have available, will mean that you will be able to make a fully informed decision for the care that you would like to receive. 

We will encourage you to explore all options, review benefits and risks, and suggest ways to find pleasure, power and feel respected and honored no matter where, how or with whom you give birth!
Q: The Sexuality focus of this course makes me uncomfortable, is this class still right for me?
A: While the course does have a foundation of pleasure and sexuality - the course materials are designed to meet you where you are, at your pace and in your way. You will have opportunities to explore pleasure, sex and ways to bring your sacred sensuality to childbirth and beyond. 

We offer resources and exercises for you and your partner and include information on healing for survivors of sexual abuse. To ignore the sexuality of childbirth leaves you open for surprises and/or experiences that you may not be prepared for as birth is a part of a woman’s sexual life. Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class will invite you to see the intimacy and sexuality of childbirth through birth stories, videos, exercises and discussions that will guide you to create a safe, satisfying and pleasurable birth. 
Q: I would love to know more about breastfeeding, will this course also cover breastfeeding and the postpartum period?
A: Absolutely! 2 Chapters of this course cover the postpartum period: "You Baby" and "Your BabyMoon." We will provide you with breastfeeding education, and many resources to help you find more support as you journey through learning to breastfeed together. We will also provide you with the many options for postpartum care, recovery, bonding and rest. 
Q: Is this course for my partner too?
A: We encourage partners to join in the fun! We will provide your partner with tips for helping you to find comfort in labor, activities for releasing fear, inspirational birth stories, and many tips for supporting the laboring mama, as well as caring for yourself and your changing relationship. 
Q: What are the topics of each week?
Pregnancy: Honoring your pregnant body and preparing for birth
Labor: A very special dance with your baby
WEEK 3: 
Birth Stories: Birth wisdom shared from around the world
Comfort Techniques: Movement, Music, Rebozo and more!
Support your natural hormones of love and birth with support, ambiance and opennesss.
WEEK 6: 
There are many options in birth - knowing all of them will prepare you for shared decision making.
Family centered gentle cesareans and options for vaginal birth after cesarean.
Welcoming your baby and the many options for a gentle transition. 
WEEK 9: 
Honoring this special time with your baby, new body hormones and sexuality. 
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